Courses Help

Modules & Badges


If your course is using modules, your instructor has sequenced course activities like Sessions and Coursework into a directional linear flow for you to complete. Modules enable you to track your progress through a course and your instructor may even configure modules to award badges after you complete all of the activities in a module.

Modules essentially create a path through which you go through a course.

*Note, only some instructors will use modules to organize courses.

Modules can contain the following types of course activities:

  • - Sessions
  • - Coursework
  • - Resources

*NOTE: Your instructor may require you to complete all the activities in one module before you’re allowed to move on to the next module.

When you enter a course on Kannu that uses modules, you’ll see an activity widget at the top of the dashboard showing you where you last left off as well as your progress through the course’s Modules. To jump right back in, click the button under the activity that says “Up Next” on the left-hand side. Otherwise, hover your mouse over an activity icon in the progress bar to see its name, or click on it to go directly to that activity (session, coursework, or resource).

Note: The progress meter shows you which activities you’ve completed and what’s left to do. You may not be able to jump to future activities if your instructor has set up your course to require you to go through each activity in a specific order or until a specific date.




To access a course badge, simply navigate to your Profile & Portfolio, and select the Badges tab. Here you will be able to see all of the badges you’ve earned.