Courses Help

Course Dashboard

Once you have enrolled in a course and are ready to get started, click My Courses in the upper left-hand corner of your screen to bring up a list of courses that you are currently enrolled in. 

To enter a specific course, click the Enter button on the corresponding course card. You can also enter a course by clicking the Course Title or image on the course card.

After entering a course, you will find yourself on the Course Dashboard. The display of your course dashboard can vary course to course depending on how your instructor has customized this page for you. Here, you can find the following modules:

  1. Sessions: Use this module to access session information such as lectures, media, and associated coursework.
  2. Updates: Use this module to view Upcoming Deadlines and Announcements.
  3. My Gradebook: Use this module to see your grades for all graded coursework and attendance.
  4. Course Information: Use this module to access course-wide Resources provided by your instructor, as well as the course Syllabus page. 
  5. Connect: Use this module to access forum Conversations and view the Course Gallery.

All these modules are also accessible via the Navigation Bar located on the left-hand side of your screen.