General Help

Closed Captions and Translations

For any video or audio files that you upload to the Media Player in Sessions, you have the ability to add subtitles. This can be done from Step 2 (Session Content) when creating a Session.

After uploading a video or audio file, click on Add Subtitles, and select the language of the caption file you will be attaching.

*Please note that the accepted caption file type is WEBVTT (extension .vtt). If you only have an .srt file, here is a link to a converter.

After uploading the caption file, select ‘Done’ and update your Session.

Finding Closed Caption & Translation Services

There are a number of services (both free and paid) that will provide closed captions:

Youtube - Free/English Closed Captions. Automatic transcription is built directly into the service, and can be edited in the Video Manager. Although the service does seem to be continually improving, YouTube's transcription is not 100% accurate, but will help you get started. Select the Subtitles & CC option to view the subtitle settings, and then click on the subtitle file you want to alter.

Rev - $1 a minute for English Closed Captions and .10 cents a word for translations.

Amara - An online Non-profit project that’s really easy to use. Amara has both free and enterprise solutions.