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Google Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On enables you to have a Kannu account without having to set up an explicit username and password, logging in with just a click.

Logging in through Google SSO

  1. Navigate to your main Kannu page.
  2. Click the Log In or Sign Up button.
  3. Select the appropriate account for accessing Kannu.

Logging in through Google SSO when you have multiple accounts

If you have multiple Google accounts associated to Kannu, you may encounter trouble logging into Kannu with the correct account. If this is the case, you'll need to change your primary Google account. To change your primary Google account:

  1. Go to any Google site (, Gmail, etc.).
  2. Log out of all of your Google accounts by clicking your avatar in the top-right and then Sign out for each account.
  3. Once you're logged out of all Google accounts, log back in with the account you want set as the primary.
  4. Once you've logged in to your primary account, feel free to log in to the rest by clicking "Add account." Your primary account is always the first one you log in with.
  5. Follow the main Google SSO steps above and you'll have access to Kannu!

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