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Kannu: General FAQ

What's Kannu?

Kannu is an LMS (Learning Management System) that your school uses to bring all or parts of a course online. Kannu makes it easy for you to submit coursework, engage in discussion, and access learning content & materials.

Is the information kept in my Kannu platform secure?

Absolutely. We adhere to strict standards based on data privacy policies set around the globe.

Do I retain ownership over my coursework and other content I put up in Kannu?

Yes. Whatever you put on Kannu belongs 100% to you.

What happens when my course closes?

Once a course closes, it goes into Archived mode. Archived courses can still be accessed, but the exact behavior is configured by your Kannu administrator. When you access an archived course, it will either display only the course Syllabus, or give read-only access to the entire course.

What's a Session?

Most course content is created and lives in a session. They can sometimes be thought of as individual classes themselves, and you might have one Session for each in-person class meeting or lab. However, the specific form and purpose of a Session is up to your instructor.

Something's up with my enrollment status. What should I do?

Your instructor/administrator handles all enrollments, so reach out to them for more information.

I'm not seeing my invitation email. Where is it?

99% of the time, if you aren't seeing it, it's in your spam folder. The very first automated email you receive from a site always has a chance of ending up in there, especially if you have a powerful spam filter.

How can I interact directly with my instructor/other students?

There are a number of ways! If you need to contact the instructor directly, their email may be found on the Syllabus. If your course has forums, you can use them to interact with the instructor and other students. Lastly, you can reach them via the Kannu Messenger.

I want to resubmit an assignment. What do I do?

Fear not! Just contact your instructor and, depending on their own policy, they can open it back up for you.

Something isn't working right...

If you find a bug or other issue, please let us know. Your reports help us address them much more quickly. Just shoot us an email at, or use this form. If it's an account issue, make sure you provide the email address associated with your account.

I could use some more in-depth information on specific features. Where can I go?

The site you're on now is a repository of articles and FAQs to help you get to know Kannu. You can search for content, or browse through the categories. You can also fill out this form and we'll get right back to you with whatever info you need.